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Shockwave Therapy Edmonton

Welcome to Turning Point Physical Therapy, where we bring you the innovative and non-invasive solution of shockwave therapy in Edmonton.

Are you battling with chronic pain that just doesn’t seem to fade away?

Have traditional treatments left you searching for more effective options?

Shockwave therapy might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Learn how shockwave therapy can target deep-seated issues, promoting healing from within and offering lasting relief.

Discover the potential of shockwave therapy in treating stubborn conditions like Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis and how it could restore your mobility.

Explore how this cutting-edge treatment can accelerate the healing process of muscle strains and sprains, getting you back to your active lifestyle faster.

Your path to optimal health begins here!

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How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Generation of Acoustic Waves: Shockwave therapy machines generate high-energy sound waves, which are transmitted through a handheld device directly to the affected area.

Stimulation of Biological Effects: Once these waves penetrate the tissue, they induce several biological effects. One key effect is neovascularization, the formation of new blood vessels. This process enhances blood circulation to the targeted area, bringing essential nutrients and oxygen that are vital for tissue healing and regeneration.

Triggering Cellular Responses: The acoustic waves stimulate the cells that are responsible for the healing of bone and connective tissue. They activate osteoblasts (bone cells) and fibroblasts (connective tissue cells), which are crucial in repairing damaged tissues.

Pain Reduction and Recovery Acceleration: Shockwave therapy disrupts pain mediators, reducing the sensation of pain. It also breaks down scar tissue and calcific deposits, which can be sources of chronic pain. This leads to a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility.

Release of Growth Factors: The therapy stimulates the release of growth factors that help promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation. These factors aid in the recovery of injured tissues and the reduction of inflammation.

Overriding Pain Pathways: Shockwave therapy can interrupt and reset the pain pathways to the brain. By ‘resetting’ these neural pathways, the therapy can significantly reduce chronic pain sensations.

Enhancing Recovery with Shockwave Therapy

Conditions Treatable

Treating Chronic Tendinopathies

Chronic tendinopathies, including conditions like tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis, respond remarkably well to shockwave therapy. At Turning Point Physical Therapy, this therapy is employed to stimulate collagen production and enhance blood flow, crucial for the repair and healing of damaged tendon tissues. Patients often experience significant relief from pain and improved tendon function, enabling a return to regular activities.

Alleviating Pain from Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis, characterized by inflammation of the foot's plantar fascia, causes significant heel pain. Shockwave therapy at our clinic effectively breaks down scar tissue and adhesions, providing substantial pain relief and improved foot mobility. This treatment is a game-changer for individuals who have long struggled with foot pain.

Scar Tissue Treatment and Management

Shockwave therapy is highly effective in addressing pain and movement restrictions caused by scar tissue from old injuries or surgeries. By breaking down and reducing scar tissue, this therapy restores flexibility and range of motion, offering patients a new lease on mobility and comfort.

Accelerating Healing of Muscle Strains and Sprains

For muscle strains and sprains, shockwave therapy accelerates the natural healing process by increasing the circulation of blood and cellular activity in the injured area. This results in quicker pain relief and recovery, allowing athletes and active individuals to resume their sports activities sooner.

Relieving Trigger Point Tension

Shockwave therapy is adept at targeting and releasing muscle knots and trigger points that could cause pain and tension. By focusing on these tight spots, the therapy relieves associated pain, leading to enhanced muscle relaxation and overall comfort.

Breaking Down Calcific Tendonitis

Calcific Tendonitis, where calcium deposits form in tendons, can be effectively treated with shockwave therapy. This approach helps in breaking down the calcium build-up, reducing inflammation and pain, and restoring normal tendon function, thus providing a non-surgical solution to this painful condition.

Easing Hip and Gluteal Pain

Hip and gluteal pain, often arising from issues like bursitis or muscle strain, is another area where shockwave therapy proves beneficial. By promoting healing and pain relief in the hip and gluteal regions, patients experience enhanced movement and a decrease in discomfort.

Managing Myofascial Pain Syndromes

In cases of myofascial pain syndromes, where chronic pain affects muscles and the surrounding fascial tissue, shockwave therapy offers significant relief. It works by addressing the root of myofascial pain, improving blood circulation, and reducing muscle stiffness, leading to a more comfortable and active life.

Who Should Avoid Shockwave Therapy?

While shockwave therapy at Turning Point Physical Therapy in Edmonton offers significant benefits for many patients, it’s not suitable for everyone. Individuals with certain conditions should avoid this treatment, including those with blood clotting disorders (such as deep vein thrombosis), patients taking anticoagulants, or those with pacemakers. Pregnant women are also advised against undergoing shockwave therapy. 

Additionally, it is not recommended for areas with bone growth plates, so children and adolescents may need alternative treatments. It’s also important to avoid using shockwave therapy over tumours or cancerous areas. 

Our team conducts a thorough assessment to ensure shockwave therapy is safe and appropriate for each patient, prioritizing their health and safety above all.

Curious to See How Shockwave Therapy Can Change Your Life?

Are you ready to experience the innovative approach of shockwave therapy in Edmonton and see firsthand how it can transform your recovery process? Reach out to us at Turning Point Physical Therapy in Edmonton. Our expert team is here to guide you through each step, ensuring a safe, personalized, and effective treatment experience.

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