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Pre and Post-Operative Care Edmonton

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Pre and Post-Operative Care Edmonton

Are you preparing for surgery or navigating the road to recovery?

At Turning Point Physical Therapy in Edmonton, we understand that surgery is a significant event in your life. Whether you’re taking proactive steps towards a smoother surgical experience or seeking support post-surgery, our specialized Pre and Post-Operative Care programs are here to guide you every step of the way.

  • Do you have surgery scheduled and want to be in the best shape possible beforehand?
  • Are you currently recovering from a surgical procedure and looking to regain strength and mobility?
  • Do you have concerns about managing pain or complications after your surgery?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, our Pre Operative and Post-Operative Care programs could be the perfect fit for your needs.

Pre and Post-Operative Care Edmonton

Your path to optimal health begins here!

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Why is Pre and Post-Operative Care Necessary?

Enhanced Recovery Speed

Pre-operative conditioning and post-operative rehabilitation can significantly speed up the recovery process. Patients who engage in these programs often experience quicker restoration of mobility and strength.

Reduced Risk of Complications

Pre and Post-surgical physiotherapy at Turning Point Physical Therapy focuses on reducing risks such as infections, blood clots, and poor wound healing through targeted exercises, education, and monitoring.

Improved Surgical Outcomes

Strengthening the body pre-surgery and ensuring proper post-surgical rehabilitation can lead to better overall surgical outcomes and satisfaction.

Mental and Emotional Support

Our team provides not only physical support but also emotional and mental guidance, helping patients navigate the challenges and uncertainties of surgery and recovery.

Pre-Operative Care: Setting the Stage for Success

Physical Assessment

Before any surgical procedure, our therapists conduct a thorough physical assessment to understand your current health status. This evaluation includes analyzing your strength, flexibility, and any pre-existing conditions that might affect the surgery. The findings help us develop a pre-operative plan that's not only personalized but also optimizes your body for the upcoming surgery.

Strength and Flexibility Training

Building strength and increasing flexibility are crucial elements in your pre-surgical preparation, contributing significantly to hastening your recovery period. Our specialized exercises aim to reinforce the muscles near the area of your surgery, enhancing support and minimizing the likelihood of complications after the operation. Improved flexibility can lead to faster restoration of movement post-surgery, streamlining your path to rehabilitation.


We believe informed patients are better prepared for surgery and recovery; thus, we provide comprehensive education about what to expect during and after the procedure. This includes insights into the surgical process, pain management strategies, and realistic expectations for recovery timelines. Understanding the full scope of the surgical journey helps reduce anxiety and empowers you to participate in your recovery actively.


Together, we will craft a bespoke plan that caters to your unique requirements and aspirations for recovery, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for both the surgery and the subsequent rehabilitation period. Your tailored plan may encompass dietary recommendations, adjustments in daily activities, and approaches to managing your overall health before the surgery. Thoughtful and meticulous planning is key to a smoother surgical experience, potentially shortening your hospital stay and accelerating your return to everyday life.

Post-Operative Care: Navigating the Path to Recovery

Reduce Pain and Swelling

Effectively addressing pain and swelling after your operation is vital for a more comfortable recovery process. We apply a variety of methods, such as applying cold therapy and conducting mild exercises, to achieve this. Additionally, our use of manual therapy is instrumental in lessening swelling and boosting blood flow to the operated area. Our strategy extends beyond mere symptom management; it's about actively promoting your body’s healing.

Restore Mobility and Strength

Restoring mobility and strength post-surgery is a gradual process, and our therapists guide you through carefully designed exercises tailored to your specific surgical procedure. These exercises aim to rebuild strength, enhance flexibility, and improve the range of motion, ensuring a balanced and effective recovery. We closely monitor your progress, adjusting the rehabilitation plan as needed to align with your healing and capabilities.

Prevent Complications

Post-operative care is critical in preventing complications such as infections, blood clots, or scar tissue build-up. We provide guidance on wound care, activity modifications, and signs to watch for that might indicate a problem. Regular monitoring and follow-ups are integral parts of our post-operative care, ensuring any potential complications are addressed promptly.

Personalized Rehabilitation

Recognizing that every individual and surgery is unique, we create personalized rehabilitation plans that cater to your specific needs and recovery goals. This might include specialized exercises, therapy sessions, and lifestyle advice to support your overall well-being. Our focus is not just on physical recovery but also on helping you regain independence and return to your daily activities and hobbies.

A Wise Investment in Your Health

Choosing Pre and Post-Operative Care in Edmonton at Turning Point Physical Therapy is a wise investment in your health. It’s about more than just physical recovery; it’s about ensuring a comprehensive, safe, and effective journey through surgery and beyond. By contrast, neglecting these care aspects can lead to longer recovery periods, increased risks, and less satisfactory outcomes. Embrace the full scope of support available to you and experience the difference it can make in your surgical journey.

Get a personalized assessment for your pre and post-surgical needs with our expert team. Book your appointment today and embark on a path to optimal recovery with Turning Point Physical Therapy.

Pre and Post-Operative Care Edmonton