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Embark on Your Wellness Journey with Turning Point Physical Therapy In Edmonton

Turning Point Physical Therapy in Edmonton, Alberta, takes an evidence-based, customized approach to your recovery and healing.

We blend innovative technology with compassionate care to ensure you meet your health goals to return to active living.

We successfully treat sports injuries, work-related injuries and motor vehicle accident injuries.

Plus, we also treat chronic pain conditions even when the patient has given up hope of ever finding relief.

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Sports Injuries

If you’re dealing with a sports injury in Edmonton, Turning Point Physical Therapy is here to help.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy at Turning Point Physical Therapy in Edmonton is more than a luxury; it’s a pathway to better health and a more balanced lifestyle.

Shockwave Therapy

Acoustic waves trigger the body for long-term healing and tissue rejuvenation.
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Your path to optimal health begins here!

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Why Choose Turning Point Physical Therapy?

Expertise That Makes a Difference

At Turning Point Physical Therapy in Edmonton, our team of dedicated professionals brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With years of experience and a commitment to continuous learning, we ensure that you receive the quality care from experts.

Personalized Approach to Healing

We believe in the power of personalized care. No two individuals are alike, and neither are their journeys to recovery. Our tailored treatment plans are crafted with your unique needs in mind, ensuring that each session is focused on your specific goals.

Comprehensive Services for Every Need

Turning Point Physical Therapy in Edmonton is your one-stop destination for a wide range of services. Whether you're recovering from an injury, seeking relief from pain, or aiming to enhance your overall well-being, our comprehensive offerings, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, and specialized treatments.

How Its Work

We Give Easy Step To Get Our Service Provided

Recent injuries, chronic pain and joint surgeries can sideline anyone at any age. Musculoskeletal problems like back, neck, shoulder, hip or ankle problems take some of the joy out of life. Whether a hip or knee replacement or an athletic injury, at Turning Point Physical Therapy in Edmonton, we help you get back in the game.


Consultation Booking

Reach out to us to schedule your initial consultation. This is the starting point for your personalized wellness experience.


Personalized Assessment

During your first visit, our experienced team conducts a thorough assessment, laying the groundwork for a tailored treatment plan.


Tailored Treatment Plan

Receive a customized treatment plan designed to address your unique requirements. This may include physiotherapy, specialized therapies, or a combination of services.


Experience Results

Engage in expert therapeutic sessions, experiencing the transformative power of hands-on care. Share your progress openly for a collaborative approach to your ongoing success.



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